Retail Shopping

Providing service to a number of retail shopping facilities and numerous “anchor” stores in Canada, Alpine understands the needs of the retail environment. We understand that the shopping experience begins in the parking lot, continues at the entrance, and extends to all areas under the umbrella of the facility. Whether it is the main corridors, the food court tables or the restrooms, the customers’ experience must be at the forefront of any maintenance program. Our service bundle reflects this need by providing a service package that encompasses everything from landscaping to escalator cleaning, from snow removal to special event set-ups and breakdowns.

Alpine understands that our staff are a reflection of the facility where we work, and as such provide comprehensive training to our retail employees that extends far beyond routine cleaning tasks. Customer service skills, attention to detail, the need to function as a cohesive team with site staff, and a genuine willingness to “go the extra mile” for the customer ensures that a location maintained by Alpine preserves the level of prestige required in a competitive marketplace.