Green Cleaning

Alpine takes great pride in our commitment in providing our clientele with sustainable solutions for their facility maintenance challenges. Our procurement strategies focus on partnerships with companies that drive the “green” message throughout their organizations, targeting the product, packaging, transportation and disposal impacts on the environment. Our service delivery strives to continually reduce the use of all chemicals, eliminate toxicity and improve indoor air quality, as well as to utilize high quality products that are laundered rather than sent to the landfill. We actively participate in and assist our clients in the design process of progressive recycling and energy reduction programs in order to minimize the footprint of our activities. Choosing Alpine as your service provider results in a comprehensive program your staff can take pride in.


  • LEED Platinum level cleaning programs and consulting
  • BOMA BESt Level 4 cleaning programs and consulting
  • Elimination of VOCs for routine cleaning and scent-free environmental programs
  • Total elimination of any detergents, surfactants, or toxins from routine cleaning
  • Consumables and cleaning products 3rd party certified (GreenSeal, Ecologo)
  • Zinc-free floor finishing programs
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) programs
  • Daytime cleaning available to reduce energy and security costs
  • Paperless systems for reporting and invoicing
  • Elimination or monitored emissions from powered equipment
  • Organic waste diversion and customized recycling programs
  • Staff trained in green cleaning concepts and services
  • Correct disposal of waste products from cleaning functions
  • Sustainable, low-impact solutions for aggressive project cleaning, graffiti removal