Parking Maintenance

With dedicated exterior maintenance programs, Alpine takes facility maintenance all the way to the curb. Whether you require a simple sweep of your parking lot, deep scrubbing and oil stain removal, pressure washing or curb painting and parking space re-lining, Alpine can meet all your needs. Seasonal targeting of leaves and rubbish, snow removal and application of ice melter, and removal of sand and gravel means that your common areas will look their best year-round.

In addition Alpine is on call for: Special Events; Street Sweeping; Steam Cleaning and Power Washing; Parking Lot Striping; and Parking Lot Resurfacing. Our team of trained operators can provide the expertise to handle all industry needs.

High Pressure Steam Cleaning

Our high-pressure steam cleaning service operates using equipment capable of 4000 PSI and heating water to 200 degrees. This enables us to remove the hardest to clean items, such as grease and oil spots, dried gum, and concrete staining. All areas are pre-treated with a biodegradable degreaser. We remove all our water off-site for processing and disposal at our location.