Celebrating International Women's Day at Alpine

March 08, 2021

Alpine is proud of our commitment to creating diverse workplaces across Canada that welcome people from all backgrounds. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the women on our team making a difference to our clients every day.

Somi Taleie

Somi Taleie.jpg

Somi is our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Manager. At 19, her father lost three fingers in a fan belt while fixing a running machine, inspiring a life-long commitment to keeping employees safe at work. After obtaining numerous qualifications, including a diploma in occupational health and safety and a certificate in human resources and business management, she started her career in male-dominated industries. Her first job had such difficult conditions that the two men she began working with both quit within a week of starting but Somi persevered. She credits that tough first job with giving her the tools to succeed in later years.

Somi loves working with the Alpine team. She especially appreciates the opportunity to work with inspirational strong women, including Tammy Fry.

Tammy Fry

Tammy Fry.jpg

A Director of Operations at Alpine, Tammy was raised by a hard-working single mother. She started working as a custodian and was quickly recognized for her commitment and dedication and was promoted to supervisor. She has qualifications in conflict resolution, coaching and mentoring, and occupational safety. She is one of Alpine’s regular top performers and her rise through Alpine’s ranks has been well deserved. Tammy is proud of Alpine’s recognition of her talents and achievements in a competitive industry.

Anjuleen Anand

Anjuleen Anand.jpg

Anjuleen is Alpine’s Talent Acquisition Specialist. Her experience in a hospitality institute, then as a sales professional and human resources business partner is responsible for her ingrained sense of customer service. She has an MBA in Human Resources and is a CPHR candidate. Anjuleen makes sure our job candidates get a great introduction to the Alpine team. Anjuleen is our new hire’s first example of our commitment to exceeding expectations in every way.

A Diverse Workplace

Alpine is proud to offer a workplace that gives equal precedence to men and women. In fact, 44% of our managers across the company are women. Our Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Angela Champ, is committed to keeping Alpine a diverse and accepting place to work. Founding a women’s network at the start of her career, she’s seen the importance and impact of advocating for women in the workplace firsthand.

Future Leaders

What words of advice do our team members have for women just entering the workforce?

“Create a network and community that can help mentor, guide and sponsor you throughout your career,” says Angela.

“Be confident yet embrace failure and criticism,” Tammy advises, “it will help shape you into the best version of yourself you can be.”

Somi told us: “believe in yourself, show up, work hard and be helpful.”.

Finally, Anjuleen says: “be curious, open to new challenges and never stop learning!”