In Times of the Covid-19 Crisis

April 17, 2020

In Times of the Covid-19 Crisis

The last six weeks have reshaped the way we think of normal. The COVID-19 crisis has affected our daily lives in a way that is unprecedented in our lifetime. It is during these times that we need to come together as one and be there for each other. Alpine is a family owned business and all of our staff and employees are part of our extended family. Being there for your family in challenging times is what makes families and us as a company, stronger.

Alpine’s primary focus is supporting and caring for our employees that are working tirelessly on the front line in the fight against this virus. By ensuring their safety through training and issuing of PPE’s they can ensure the safety of our clients and the public at large. The efforts our teams are making on a daily basis will have a direct impact on how quickly we can mitigate the ravages of this virus. Alpine is there to support each one of them. We are working with our suppliers and partner vendors to ensure that there adequate stocks of chemicals, equipment and PPE that have been approved by Health Canada as effective in the fight against COVID-19 available to our teams

Please be assured Alpine is committed to ensuring that our staff, clients, vendor partners and the public are kept safe during this challenging time. We will continue to follow the guidelines of Health Canada and other government agencies to maintain the health and wellness of your facilities.

We value your partnership during this difficult time. Please continue to practice social distancing and be safe.



Steve Normann | Senior Vice President
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