Technology is a key strategic asset for Alpine that plays a pivotal role in almost every activity we do. Our ability to leverage customer information allows us improve services and decrease customer costs.

Our state of the art information management platforms are used as powerful tools that drastically streamline our front line operations and back office processes, in turn providing our customers with real costs savings and real time information about their facilities.

Few service companies have made the investment in technology; Alpine is one of the few companies that is strategically committed in evolving our IT and e-commerce platforms to provide real value to our customers.


Work Order Management

Alpine utilizes CorrigoNet to receive, schedule, dispatch and track work from beginning to completion. CorrigoNet is a web-based platform that provides total facility maintenance management. It streamlines operations by coordinating the information flow between everyone involved, including front line operational staff.

All work is managed electronically, providing real time reports on every hour, material and dollar spent, thereby giving transparency to customers so they get the information they need to make money-saving decisions.

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Time Tracking

Alpine uses Qqest Timeforce to track employee hours spent on each job. Whether we’re in your facility for one day or 365 days, all of our staff hours are tracked using a web based, telephone punch system.

TimeForce is a state of the art, web-based time and attendance system that collects and organizes employee time and data accurately so clients know exactly who and how much time was spent in their facilities.

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